Sunny beaches, brilliant colors, palm trees, gardens and stunning art deco houses: it’s no wonder so many film productions have chosen Florida as their filming location. During our roadtrip, we (of course!) went hunting for a few movies filmed in Miami.

There’s a very distinct feel, light and look to Florida that’s pretty hard to fake anywhere else in the US. Surprisingly, one very famous TV show did it anyway: Showtime’s Dexter shot just a few establishing shots and scenes in Florida, where all events of this long-running show take place, and shot the rest in California. Those cheaters!

When we told our readers & social media followers about our upcoming trip to Florida, we got several requests to feature Dexter in our sceneframing photos. It proved to be a bit of a challenge, but finally, we managed to get a shot. Yay!

There are a few actual Dexter filming locations and buildings in Miami that still exist: Dexter’s home, the luxury condo, is a private condo community called the Bay Harbor Club in Miami. Since it looked like a very private building with a closed off courtyard, we decided to respect the residents’ privacy and not to go for a visit.

Sadly, a few other Dexter Florida scenes that we managed to track down just didn’t have the kind of shots we need for the sceneframing photos: aerial shots, super wide shots, shots that only feature a few extras simply don’t work, so we had to skip those ones too.

However! There was this one amazing promo shot of Dexter himself reading a paper somewhere in Miami. Now, the background might have been added there digitally after the actual portrait was shot, but we recognized the buildings in the background and tadah! Totally went for it.  The hotels in the background matched up perfectly, and we finally had our Dexter shot.

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