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Bay Harbor Club

While in the show, Dexter's apartment is located in fictional "Palm Terrace," in reality the condo community is the Bay Harbor Club. The gorgeous view…

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Bayfront Park

Dexter et Rita, sa petite amie d'alors et future épouse, sortent un vendredi soir dans un endroit où ils écrasent publiquement des morceaux de crabe…

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Bicentennial Park

One of Dexter's fond memories is going with his dad and sister to a pumpkin patch, complete with a hayride. In the flashback and crime…

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Doral Park Country Club

Remember that creepy looking valet character who would abduct women, then rape and kill them, and film it for his even creepier website? Well, he…

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Fort Lauderdale Beach Park

In episode four of season one, the Ice Truck Killer gets personal with Dexter by recreating moments from his childhood. One photograph he mimics was…

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